Did the officers @ AMK North Police Station lie?

I’m really sorry that 4 consecutive post of mine are all complains. Initially, I wanted to keep quiet about this but after receiving a call from the Traffic Police, I feel that I should talk about this.

The lowdown

On the morning of the 15th, I was caught for jaywalking at the traffic light in front of AMK MRT station. There was a group of us who jaywalked but as they were all pretending not to notice the officers (by looking down and walking really quickly), the officer did not approach them to copy their names.

As luck would have it, I was unlucky to a)not spot the TPs and b)to have looked up and made eye-contact with the TP. I handled over my IC and asked if it was fair for him to let those in front of me passed. He ignored me. A foreigner was also unlucky like me and he asked what did he do wrong. The officer also IGNORED him. I had to step in and answer for the officer and that was when the TP made a snide remark at me.

I was allowed to go WITHOUT an explanation of what happened and what is going to happen.

The calls to AMK NPC

Feeling a little weird and frustrated, I called AMK NPC because it’s the nearest police station to the MRT station.

The officer I spoke to told me –

a) It was their officers who were there at the traffic junction
b) My information were taken down for record purposes
c) No summon will be given

The officer also told me that he will double-check for me and he will call me back.

At 11pm, no calls. So I called AMK NPC again.

Again, the officer that answered the phone assured me the same things.

a) It was their officers who were there at the traffic junction
b) My information were taken down for record purposes
c) No summon will be given

He even went as far as giving me the impression that he SAW my information and he knows the officer who copied my name that morning.

The summon, the email and the call from TP

A week after the incident, I received a $20 summon from the TP. Confused, I called AMK NPC again and the officer told me to email the TP and there’s nothing he can do.

So I emailed TP and the service quality team. I got a call from the TP today (Sunday).

According to the TP, it was THEIR officers and not those from AMK NPC that was on duty that day. He gave me the name of the officer who took down my name and described the situation to me. He informed me that as it was a small exercise, AMK NPC was not informed of their activity.

He was sorry about what happened and wanted to help me waive off the summon but my dad (being the law abiding citizen that he is) already paid the summon for me. He was also confused as to why AMK NPC  will actually say that it was their people who were there. He said he will try to find out and I can also wait for AMK NPC’s reply.

Did they lie?

So did they lie? If there is no record that their (AMK NPC) officers are on duty there, why did they tell me they were? If they do not have my record, why did they say they have?

And why did they assure me that I am not going to get a summon when they are not sure?

It’s kind of worrying really. And I am still waiting for AMK NPC to call me back since their service quality team directed my email to them. So hmmm.

The jaywalking law

Not too sure if everyone knows. If you are caught jaywalking, you WILL be fined for $20. Doesn’t matter if you are a first timer or a repeat offender. It’s $20 every time. Unless you dashed across the road or endanger other people, the fine will be $20 rain or shine.

So PEOPLE! The next time you are together with me, please excuse me if I don’t jaywalk with you ok? Once bitten, twice shy!


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