Found: My $1066.46

This is in response to my post, Finding: My $1066.46, about the bad service I received from Standard Chartered’s contact centre.

Where I last left off, I went down to the branch and the person there told me that he will get someone from their customer care team to call me on the day itself. The person didn’t call me until 8pm that night. She basically told me the same thing, that I have to wait for at least 2 working days before she can give me reply.

Wait again? Your call centre told me I have to wait for 2 days a week ago! And now you’re telling me the same thing?

Feeling a little disgruntled, I copied and paste my entire experience and emailed it to their regional CEO. Yes, you heard me. I had to resort to emailing the CEO.

I’m not sure if it was actually the CEO’s mailbox but an hour after my email, I received a reply from the CEO thanking me for bringing the situation to his attention and he will get someone to attend to me for a prompt solution.

An hour later, I received a call from their customer care team. I was occupied at that time so I got the lady to call me back at 2pm. At 2pm, the person called and she told me that she will cancel the e-Cashier order and return me the money. 30 minutes later, I was told to verify some details of mine and awhile later, the money was back in my StanChart account.

Relieved girl I am.

But seriously, it’s such a simple resolution! And if I have to escalate the issue to your CEO every single time for something to happen, there must be something seriously wrong.

On top of that, StanChart also send me the following items as part of their service recovery effort.

a hamper.

an apology letter and Taka vouchers.

I really don’t care about the goodies (the hamper goodies were given away). I just want assurance that no such incident will happen again. And really, does service recovery work? For me, my image of StanChart is damaged. I am scared of doing transactions using that account. I think when a situation actually require service recovery, it is already a situation that CANNOT be resolved. Regardless of how expensive your goodies are.

With that said, I guess it’s the thought that counts? *shrugs*

On Wednesday night around 10+pm, I transferred a small amount from StanChart to Citibank via StanChart’s Breeze application’s Any Card options. I ensured my Citibank account no was there and everything was correct. Under the T&C, it was said that if the amount was transferred before 11pm, the amount will be transferred in 2 working days. TWO working days = FRIDAY.

On Friday evening, I called to check my Citibank account balance, nothing has changed. Okay, StanChart. Now what? I will have to check my account balance again on Monday and if there’s nothing, I have to call StanChart again? Oh no.

*fingers crossed*


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