I’m not made for Live Dining.

I’m not made for live dining. Live dining being dinner where they bring in your food ALIVE before carrying it back to the kitchen for cooking 😦

Went for dinner with the colleagues on Friday night. There we were, chatting and snapping away when in came this guy with an Alaskan Crab. I thought it was dead. NOT!

After hearing that it was ALIVE, I remained in my seat and refused to look in the direction of the crab. I don’t know. I can’t stand it. I felt weird. Sad? Cruel? Pity? I don’t know.

The photographer in me thought I should just go and take a photo though (which is a really bad move!). Excuse the bad lighting and framing.

This poor thing is just happily sitting there. Making bubbles with his mouth. Probably looking at us, thinking why we are looking at him and maybe even felt amused? I took 2 shots and ran back to my seat. THE CRAB IS INNOCENT 😦

I am actually quite impressed that I could still eat AFTER this. That I could EAT while the other colleagues were having the crab. But I guess I was distracted because Vivian was happily snapping away and I was caught in her infectious mood. Heh.

But somehow, the image of that crab came into my mind while I was bathing. I almost barfed out my dinner. It was right there in my throat. Then I started thinking about chicken rice. Almost barfed. Then it went to MacDonalds, nearly barfed again. By the end of my very long bath, I think I am going to stay off food for the next day. Or just turn vegetarian for the week. I really cannot think of eating without thinking of the crab 😦

If you think I am kidding, you obviously don’t know me.

I’m a picky eater because…

If you know me, you know that I am a super duper picky eater. Most of the time, it’s not because I don’t like the taste of the food but because I find it cruel.

I stopped eating fish or meat when I was around 6? I remembered my auntie asking me why and my answer was, “..I find it cruel. Imagine you are the fish. Happily swimming in the sea with your family and friends. Then suddenly, you are caught and dies! NOT FAIR!”

There was also a period (for the same reason), I stayed off chicken, eggs and basically, all meat. Even MacDonalds. During that time, I can’t eat those things WITHOUT thinking that I am a murderer. Or in the case of eggs, I feel like I am eating the kids of chickens. CRUEL.

So yeah.

4 thoughts on “I’m not made for Live Dining.

  1. It is cruel lor. Who came out with the idea.
    Imagine I am the crab. Looking at those who is going to eat me before I got killed. Remembering all those faces, perhaps I will come back and haunt them, if I am not lazy.

  2. Hahaha! Actually, my colleagues were quite shocked too.
    But I think it’s common practice in fine dining ba?
    It’s similar to picking out which fish you want at seafood restaurant?

    • Picking up fish in seafood restaurant is different as the fishes are in the tank.
      With a live crab serving on the table and later return as a delicious crab seems cruel.
      Anyway I will still eat it la. 😛

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