the lunch kakis.

Muahahah! I don’t know why but I just feel like I should have a post about them o.O But yes, I have a constant group of lunch kakis at work (:

the 3 lunch buddies.

Just realised that I have no photo of twang! The photos of Daniel and CS were taken by twang using Galaxy S by the way!

I met twang on my 1st day of work. I was locked outside the lift lobby and he happened to be on the way back into the office from the washroom. twang also sit next to me in the office!

Daniel came to “visit” me on my first day of work with Luke. Daniel used to be doing what I do, so he is my predecessor (kinda).

CS came to “visit” me on my second day with Daniel, I think. Hahaha!

Under persistent “teasing” by the ladies from my dept, twang brought me along for lunch on my 3rd day of lunch and that’s it! We lunched together almost everyday (: And not to mention, the consistent email-ing we do! HAHAHA! It usually starts with “Are we lunching today?” and then random talk will ensue – soccer, sports, funny news, pretty ladies and my craze over kpop! (:

Oh! CS and twang likes to test my topo skills as well. Sometimes they will just go, “Okay! You lead us to *insert name of place*” and I will have to figure my way out. They will just walk behind me and talk. Bully right? šŸ˜›

But the lunch group hasĀ dispersed!

twang left. CS last day is on Tuesday. Daniel just got married and has gone honeymooning (congrats)!

So yups! I don’t know what the purpose of this post is. But…HELLO, LUNCH BUDDIES! YOU GUYS BETTER KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!


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