bigger and more clueless.

So I went to remove my second wisdom tooth on Friday.

I was freaking myself out the night before but the colleagues were nice and msged me in the morning (: So that made things slightly better!

Apparently, this one was in the same position as the previous one or so we thought. But after the X-Ray, my dentist told me that it’s slightly bigger and dumber T_T

just felt like inserting a picture.

The surgery took 30 minutes and I think my dentist had some difficulty trying to remove it. But after many sawing, it’s out and in went 5 stitches! >.<

I did it without plugging into my iPod Touch or blindfolding myself again(:

I like how my dentist and the assistant downplay the seriousness of the surgery. It’s easier for me to be strong and ignore the pain (: Have I told you? I LOVE MY DENTIST!

Been dozing off in front of the television since I came back at 4. Colleagues msged and FB-ed me again (: It helped to make me feel better cos I was home alone. Heee. Kamsahamnida!

Better head to bed soon! Have to wake up in 7hrs for my next medication!

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