Plan before you change.

I don’t know how many of you have this habit like my sister.

She needs to chamge at least TWO times, parade ard in the living room BEFORE settling on what she wants to wear. Yes, she does it almost everytime. Yes, even if it’s just going to the market o.O

It irritates me ALOT. It used to be because she will ask me alot of questions but now? It’s the multiple times she will walk in and out of her wardrobe which is in my room. Do you know how unconducive it is when you’re trying to sleep/read/stone and someone keep opening and closing the door?


This is what I do. While I am brushing me teeth, having my breakfast or even in the washroom, I will do a mental scan of my wardrobe AND my sister’s wardrobe (cos I always borrow her clothes). Pick out a few possible outfit and then eliminate according to my mood.

By the time I reach my room, I would have either the outfit I want (and their location) or narrowed it down to two! A quick look and change, VIOLA! I am done and ready to zoom out of my room!

Seriously. Everyone shld try that. Now, excuse me while I try to restore my zen mood that my sister has interrupted.


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