Staying at home (:

Been staying at home since last Friday cos of my wisdom tooth extraction(:

Other than a quick trip to the dentist on Friday and a quick gathering for grams birthday on Saturday, i’ve not stepped out of the house! Thats about 4 days?

Anyways, I miss and love staying at home. Not bcos I can wake up late! I wake up at 10 everyday, fyi.

I miss listening to the chattering of the little kids from the daycare centre every Tuesday. Yes, the kids are so loud that their voices reaches the 8th floor!

I miss standing at the window ard noon and watch the cars go by and people rushing here and there. Glad that I am in the comforts of my room(:

I miss writing, studying and reading after lunch. With the TV blaring in front of me too!

I miss laying in bed during sunset. Watching the sky turn dark and the street lights come on. Hearing the clatter of pots as mum gets ready to cook.

I miss being quiet.

Most of all, I miss being with my mum!(: the number 1 thing I hate abt working is that I have to leave my mum at home alone. I dont like that! I worry if she’s getting enough rest, if she’s getting bullied, if she’s okay and if she’s being positive.

So these 4 days, I’ve been with my mum! Watching her cook, clean and stuff. Talking about random things at random times. Watching her sew! Hearing the chuka-chuka of the sewing machine(: teasing her abt watching yet another taiwan drama at 4.30.

I don’t know. It’s comforting to watch my mum do all these things(: hee.

I think I am going to take little breaks like this once every few mths! I love my mummy! Hee.


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