K-Pop Night Concert Tickets

So Korean Pop Night is tonight. I was supposed to go but…Here’s what happened.

Friday Morning
I received an sms from Shuyun that her friend is selling a pair of tickets for 500 bucks! Initially, I told her I didn’t want it cos ber thinks it is a little too expensive.

Then I msged Fari who was tempted but can’t decide. So the both of us decided to leave it till 3? If the tickets are still available, we will get it.

There were some hoo-haa in between but ard 5+, we decided to get it!

Super hyped! Cos there’s SNSD and SHINee! Just when I thought I couldn’t see them, I AM! *dances GEE*


As usual, SNSD kept bugging me to tell them my wish (i.e my hp kept ringing with msgs). I reached over to my hp sleepily and saw Shuyun telling me that Jonghyun is rumored to be coming!

WHEEEE! ANOTHER PLUS! I replied her and went back to sleep.

1 plus, I woke up to see Shuyun’s msg again. She said her friend decided NOT to sell her tickets bcos of the rumor!

I was disappointed! Even though I know theres no way that the friend will give up the tickets, I told Shuyun to get her friend to call me cos I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

But little did I know, I got really pissed after the phonecall.

The husband called and said,”I’m sorry but we are not selling the ticket.” I ranted about how I cancelled my plans, my expectations, my disappointment and stuff.

And I thought he will apologised and explained that the wife really wants to see Jonghyun so he cant give me the tickets.

But instead, he said, “If I dont give you the tickets, there’s nothing you can do abt it.”

Like what?! Seriously?

Ok, maybe my tone sounded a little too fierce and all but look, I am disappointed AND upset. You’re the cause of it! You shld have just apologised and explain! I would have been fine bcos from a fan to a fan, I know how it feels! Plus, an explanation was all I wanted?

I got really angry and argued and all. Then the husband went,”..If you like them so much, you shld have queued! Drop your..” At which point I cut in and talked over him.

I told him I wanted to speak to his wife. I thought it will be better? NOPE.

She said she thinks I am scolding them and that she cant sell me the ticket. No explanation.

And when I asked why, she said she just cant? And she even went on to lecture me abt how there are unfair things in life, how my argument dont make sense..EVERYTHING but just not trying to make me feel that they are sorry.

I hung up the phone after that.


Like what Victor said, I shld have collected the tickets last night. Lesson learnt.

I hope my purchase of Suju tickets will go smoothly. Sigh.

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