signs of a medicated mind.

I was doing my Korean homework while the dad was watching the news.

I looked down and saw a cockroach crawled underneath the sofa. I turned away and went, “Hmmm” in my mind.

Wrote down the next sentence of my homework and was semi-translating it to English when I thought to myself, “That looked kinda familiar. What is it?”


I was medicated. Cough syrup in me. Concentration on homework. CPU usage = 100%!

On the side…

My dad was not surprised? So I think he already saw it crawled across the living room towards me. I hate it! Even when I was yelling and yelling, he IGNORED me and continued to watch the news.


So I just kept yelling and yelling and blocking his television. I even went, “You all lah! Part time karag guni! Now got cockroach lah!” That’s when he and my mum (who was pretending to be sleeping) sprung into action.

Sigh. This is my dad’s hierachy – Christianity, News, Work THEN Family. I am not kidding.


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