This past week or so, I have been feeling kind of funny. Like…I don’t really know how to explain to you but I’ll try.

I don’t feel like I am myself. I am so much quieter. So much…weirder. I feel like an outsider in almost all situation. I will react to something and then after that think to myself, “WTF did I just do?”. Everyday after work, the moment I step out of the office, I will feel like slapping myself. Because I feel that I was a nuisance to my colleagues.

The image that keeps appearing in my head when I think about my feeling is…An explosion played in reversed. *zup zup zup* ¬†Or a black hole.


Maybe I am suffering from burnout. Maybe it’s December. Maybe it’s because of all the rain and I used to be a plant (go read my theory).

Whatever it is. I feel weird. I feel suspended in nothing.

All I want to do is seal myself away from the world and rest. But I can’t actually do that. So I really want to just stay in my room and READ READ. Maybe I should go for a staycation. But I am broke ūüė¶

Help help help!

5 minutes with Canon IXUS 1000HS (:

About a month back (yes, I’ve been¬†procrastinating), I skipped my last Korean class and attended Canon’s Blogger Event (: Because of work, I missed the first part of the event. Boohoohoo!

But I did manage to catch-up with them at Custom House where I was handed the Canon IXUS 1000HS that comes in Pink, Silver and Brown –


Pink for me!(:

While I think that the camera can be improved, like better F number and image quality at high ISO, I am quite pleased to see that it has 2 new features РHandheld Night Scene and Best Image Selection.  Note: I have low noise tolerance when it comes to images so the image quality at high ISO might be okay for you.

1. Handheld Night Scene

While going for the 2nd round of shoot at iLight @ Marina Bay, my colleague showed off the Handheld Night Scene mode that he had in his Sony DSLR. Needless to say, I was impressed! Because, there I was struggling to keep myself still (no tripod) so as to minimise shake while there he is, snapping away happily, no qualms about moving.

So the moment I finished dinner and ran out to shoot (at iLight@ Marina Bay again) with the Canon IXUS 1000HS, that’s the first thing I tried!

Here’s the result –

no editing done.

It was quite rather easy really. I just switched to that mode, press the shutter and VIOLA! Image captured!  (: Happy! No more taking a breath before pressing the shutter (yes, that reduces shake) or finding desperately for an edge that you can lean on to stabilized yourself!

How does it work? The camera will take a succession of shots and then combine it into one optimally exposed picture!


2. Best Image Selection Mode

Scrolling the mode list, I found this funny icon and after selecting it, I was happy to see that it was the best selection mode (: I’m sure you have heard about it! The camera will take a few shots and choose the best shot for you. Something like that ūüėõ

Here’s the test shot –


the pretty tree!(:

I did something really stupid too. I was taking a picture of Siddy (I think) then I shifted quite a bit so there was a few times when the shutter clicked and Siddy was not inside..But the final image that the camera picked was the one with Siddy in it! HAHAHAHA! Maybe it was luck or maybe it’s because the camera is smart. Hmmm. But yes, another function I like.

3. Comparing the 2 modes

And I also did some shots for comparing.

Here’s one taken with long shutter (placed it on the ledge) –



It’s probably blurred because I didn’t have a remote? So when I pressed the shutter, I will have accidentally shook the camera. But look at the reflection of MBS in the water. Pretteh!

Here’s one taken with Handheld Night Scene –


angle slightly different.

This was taken while holding the camera. The image is slightly more stabled but the reflection was not captured. Several reasons could have caused it and I think one of it could be because the angle I took it with was slightly different.

Next, Best Image Selection –


same as above.

Not as good as Handheld Night Scene eh?

And here’s one taken in Auto Mode (i.e. the camera chooses the mode for you) –


It chose Night Scene.

If I were to rank the photos, it will be Long Shutter (blur as it is, i still like the reflection) ->Handheld -> Program -> Best Selection.

But taste CAN differ.

4. A really brief affair with G12

Towards the end of the day, Siddy very sweetly swapped his G12 with me and I got a quick feel of it!

Didn’t really have a lot of time to play with the settings. But at F8, the “stars” it produced are not too bad..


And of course, selcas –


my hands shook o.O

Flippable screen FTW ūüėõ

5. In summary

The Canon IXUS 1000HS also have all the modes that the Canon IXUS 130 has (read about my review of it here) ! You can read about the experts’ take on it @ dpreview .

The other cameras that were there that night was Canon 60D and S95. Heard quite abit about the S95 and I have send in a “request” to run around with a trial set. Hopefully it will come in time for my SS3 concert at the end of January.

Here’s to hoping! *fingers crossed*

Thank you, Ogilvy and Canon for the invite ūüėÄ










nothing is safe…

…when you’re the klutz. Not even your hair.

Was happily washing my hair and untangling them when OUCH! A hair strand slide across my finger and cut it-.-

Now I have a “mouth” on the middle finger of my left hand. It can open AND close T_T

Nothing is safe, I tell you! NOTHING!


TADA! Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing (:

Following my post last week about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, here are the pricing from Singtel –

2 different plans - Mobile vs Broadband

Keep a look out for the Galaxy Tab advertisement! My brother saw it just now and he went, “..Hmm. Samsung quite smart ah.” From a guy who has been nagging me about getting a Samsung phone, the Galaxy Tab must have impressed him? *shrugs* Ah well.

ANYWAYS, head on over to Singtel Shop to pre-order a Tabby Tabby Tab Tab now (: Tempted but the hole in my pocket is too big.

Oh, and do you know that G.NA will be coming on Saturday for a really mini-showcase @ the launch party? (:



the ang-moh side.

I think I have had enough of Korean Pop.

Heechul missing.

Enough of synchronized dancing and ageyo.

Not that I am over Korean Pop. Nah! I still like my Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD and the occasional B2st/4minute.  But I am going to take a break. Going to be less active in seeking out things to watch (kinda) or logging onto at 4/5pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays eagerly waiting for the latest performance.

I am going back to my “western” roots.

If you’ve known me since I was 13, you would know that my taste in music is ANG-MOH until cannot ANG-MOH! I know all the current pop songs, know who won what awards, know who is performing and camp by the TV just to watch the latest music awards show.

Because of JT’s Love Stoned this morning, I realised I missed the ‘ang-moh’ songs.

And after watching this awesome performance –

I miss awesome dancing. Not that the dancing of KPop is not awesome. But they are different! One is synchronised dance, the other is more…free?

So yes. I am going to take a break from KPop for the time being (: And try to catch up to English pop. Hopefully it’s not going to be disappointing.

The magic website.

I think it is a generation thing. That’s the only way I can explain away my cognitive dissonance.

For the younger generation, we tend to turn to goggle when we are in doubt. Like how to set ringtone on Galaxy S, how to knit and etc. If we really cannot find an answer or if the answer doesnt work, then we will ask.

But for the older generation (not much older actually), the first thing they do is ask. Doesnt matter that I dont know the answer (and they know I dont). They WANT me to google it for them. Like WHAT? Look, you either google or live with NOT knowing ok?

My sister had this habit so I always tell her,”Google! Google is your best friend.” I am happy to say that she is now better at googling and only ask me if googling cant help.

I think I should give the same answer to everyone else who expects me to google FOR them.

So, folks. Let me introduce to you, Google. He is your BEST FRIEND. He is mostly reliable and dresses up sometimes (his halloween costume was…retrolicious!). Don’t be shy..Go! Have some fun(:

Disclaimer: I am fine with pple asking qns. Just not when I alrdy said I don’t know and they still keep asking or worse, they say,”..ok. You google then let me know ok?” And THEN, keep pestering me for an answer. If I am interested in the answer, fine. But most of the time, I’m not?

Disclaimer #2: there are of course exception in each generation.