The magic website.

I think it is a generation thing. That’s the only way I can explain away my cognitive dissonance.

For the younger generation, we tend to turn to goggle when we are in doubt. Like how to set ringtone on Galaxy S, how to knit and etc. If we really cannot find an answer or if the answer doesnt work, then we will ask.

But for the older generation (not much older actually), the first thing they do is ask. Doesnt matter that I dont know the answer (and they know I dont). They WANT me to google it for them. Like WHAT? Look, you either google or live with NOT knowing ok?

My sister had this habit so I always tell her,”Google! Google is your best friend.” I am happy to say that she is now better at googling and only ask me if googling cant help.

I think I should give the same answer to everyone else who expects me to google FOR them.

So, folks. Let me introduce to you, Google. He is your BEST FRIEND. He is mostly reliable and dresses up sometimes (his halloween costume was…retrolicious!). Don’t be shy..Go! Have some fun(:

Disclaimer: I am fine with pple asking qns. Just not when I alrdy said I don’t know and they still keep asking or worse, they say,”..ok. You google then let me know ok?” And THEN, keep pestering me for an answer. If I am interested in the answer, fine. But most of the time, I’m not?

Disclaimer #2: there are of course exception in each generation.

3 thoughts on “The magic website.

  1. This is pretty interesting. From my perspective being 7 years earlier into this world, I have been saying that similar phrase ever since search engines began. “Google is your best friend!”

    But it does appear to me that many people of my age does not sing the same song.

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