Looking back at year 22.

The year of 22 was about moving on and maybe growing up. It was about packing up and cleaning up the wreckage of myself.

For the most part of year 22, I was unemployed. I had plenty of me-time, plenty of family time and plenty of friend time.

At some point in time, just like that. I snapped out of the ‘trance’ that I was in. I stopped talking to people who were bad for me. I stopped making excuses for them. And…that’s it.

Of course, I got a job towards the 2nd half of year 22. Colleagues are like family (: Some left but I hope we keep in touch! Picked up Korean too (:

Had the worse outbreak (still having) in my entire life. Ladies and gentlemen, at the age of 22, my face has finally decided to enter into the stage of puberty.

Of course, the best gift yet. I’ve got my FIRST bonus (: Not much but it’s my FIRST bonus!

Here’s saying goodbye to year 22! Thank you for being such a peaceful. Year 23, HWAITING! (:



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