Here we go, Year 23! *fingers crossed*

And so I spent the birthday sleeping at home (: I don’t care if you think that’s very no life! I love it (:

Anyway, I was bugging the parents to take a photo with me and then POOF! The dad came out in his church wear (shirt + pants) in 5 mins. That prompted the mum to go change and put on make up too! o.O HAHAHAH! And there I was in my sleep wear (:

Parents. You’ve got to love them 😛 Here’s the shot –


flowers from mum and cake from dad (:

And I’ve checked a few of my “I-Want” off my list (: Thanks to the colleagues and boss!


lunch bag from the boss (:


digital photoframe from the colleagues(:

And there’s my first branded item(:



The brother (who is very into birth stones) bought me a turquoise stone. I am not an accessory kind of girl but he asked me to wear it for the photo. Don’t you think I look like a witch?


salem witch?

The sister came home from Taiwan and got me all these cute things (: Likes!


elmo and that pink bear from toy story! (:

There’s that really pretty cake from the colleagues too! From the icing room!



Of course, the wishes from everyone on Facebook and the calls from Jerold and Sivan (: Thank you, everyone!

As always, I am always scared when I turn a year older because silly as it is..I think luck changes every year. 21 was not so good, 22 was peaceful. I hope 23 will learn from 22 though! *fingers crossed*

But whatever it is, thank you everyone! (:

23, HERE WE GO! *holds on tight*







One thought on “Here we go, Year 23! *fingers crossed*

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