i’ve said this from the very start.

From the moment I got employed in June, I told the sister, “If we are going to bring the family (more importantly, the brother) to Taiwan in April 2011, we have to start saving NOW!”

Her reply was, “Aiya. I am very tired now. Taiwan very cheap one. No need.” FINE.

Two months later in August, I asked again, “Eh..We are really going to Taiwan right? If we don’t bring the parents, I think we can more or less pull through. Can start saving abit abit NOW!”

Her reply was,”I am very stress about exams. Let’s not talk about it now.” FINE.

A month later, she told me, “Eh..Ah Pa sems like he really wants to go eh. I’ve sorta invited him along.”

My answer, “Wah lao eh! You never plan anything then now want to bring the whole family. Okok, we start NOW!”

Last month, she suddenly announced, “OH! I am going to Taiwan for some music exchange!” I asked if it was sponsored and she said she can’t wait for that. I asked if she had money. She said she is going to borrow (think EasiCash). WTF.

Just this Monday, I asked when she can take leave in April, she texted me, “My cash flow very weak till Feb. How ah? Need to plan budget in advance.”


Then when I was about to ‘retire’ for the night on Wednesday, she told me, “Eh. I might not be working in January and March. And we need about 6K for Taiwan. Not enough lah.”

WTF. No work = No cash. No cash = No savings.

WAH LAO EH! If you already know that you are not going to work in Jan/March then you should have started saving since..hmm..I don’t know! Like 6 months ago?!

And if you know you have a big family expenditure coming up, you should have NOT gone on that stupid Taiwan trip.

Plus, she sounded like she wanted to cancel the whole idea. I made a promise to my brother and I plan to keep it.


I shouldn’t have told her that I can utilise the 20% that I’ve been saving every month since 6 months ago. I shouldn’t have. I mean, those are supposed to be my EMERGENCY fund lor! URGH.

I swear. If she can’t pull her weight in April, I am just going to bring the parents and brother and GO. She can stay and rot in the house.

I am so tired of always being the “practical” one. TIRED. i am just disappointed.


2 thoughts on “i’ve said this from the very start.

  1. You’re really a very thoughtful daughter, Shanny =) i hope your parents are proud to have you.. not many kids would want to put forward the idea of sponsoring their family for an overseas trip.

    for your sake, i hope the Taiwan trip would go on as planned πŸ˜‰ *fingers crossed*.

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