Maybank SMILE Campaign (:

You know I am not the kind of person who will “sell koyok” or write about work-related stuff here. But, this time, I am going to make an exception 😛

While brainstorming about upcoming service campaigns, I came up with an idea. I didn’t really want to say it out because I thought it was too random and it won’t be taken up.

BUT! Somehow or another, I did say it out and GUESS WHAT?! The idea was employed! (: Wheeee~ *claps and dances* After some team effort, it’s finally time for us to try and delight the customers! Or at least try to (:

The idea: If you know me, you know that I am the kind of person who will randomly buy stuff and give it to you! There’s no need for reason. As long as I think it’s something you’ll like/need/make your day, I’ll get it (: So, I took this idea and TADA!

Basically, on selected day of selected months, Maybank customers will get a small surprise when they visit our branch!

We’ll be handing out little tokens of appreciation (: For this round, it’s Kit Kats! starts with the Maybank SMILE!

I know it’s nothing much but I guess, it’s just our small way of saying thanks to our customers for many many things! Like making our day, being nice to us and giving us ‘strength’ to provide even better service etc etc!

P/S: The hand in the picture is mine! Self-shot some more! 😛

ANYWAYS! I’m quite excited about this and I hope it works out (:

Nothing like seeing your own efforts coming alive! Nothing like having the support of your colleagues and boss (: Heeeeeeeee~

Yes, yes! (: I hope everything turns out well!



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