a interesting walk home.

Wednesday has been nothing but…weird.

But I have to describe the journey home. It felt like I am in a book or something.

1. the guy on the train

So the girls and I took the train home. Surprisingly, the train was rather empty and there’s this guy standing in front of us who was kinda cute. Boyish, wearing a shirt with a Ralph Lauren vest/cardigan-ish on top.

I kept stealing glances at him not just because I think he is cute. But because he looked FAMILIAR. Like VERY!

It was until I got home that I realised that I DREAMT ABOUT THAT GUY THE NIGHT BEFORE! Cheesy right? But it’s true!


2. The flash of ‘light’

I was walking home when I saw this flash of light zoomed above me. Kinda like those Batman light feel?

I looked around and realised something was wrong. Walked quickly away. Eeeps.

3. The snail

I was so freaked out that I was texting Mabel. So engrossed in texting that I didn’t see a snail 😦


The echo. The poor snail 😦

I quickly turned around and apologised. I saw something like bubbles too 😦


4. The black cat

Superstitious but a black cat crossed my path just before I was about to reach home. So I turned around and did a detour.

5. The pigeon

On my way to the lift, I saw this pigeon at the corridor. So I stopped and talked to it (yes, I have a habit of talking to animals/insects).

I went, “Ohdear! What are you doing here, pigeon? Are you stuck? You can’t fly right?” And at that point, the pigeon shook it’s head! So coincidental!

I wanted to help it! But I don’t know how 😦 So I just said goodbye to it.

It was a weird journey home alright. I am tired. Please let Thursday pass by smoothly!!

P/S: Thank you, colleagues and Mabel + Sivan (: For making me laugh.


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