2 days into 2011 and I’ve shot myself in the foot. Going back to the behavior of 2009. Not good. Need to keep my comments to myself like in 2010 and keep my head low.

Note to self: 2010 behavior, not 2009 ok?

Whatever it is, I apologised for making that comment. I admit it was kind of an over-reaction. I was already emo-ing about my added responsibility this year and then seeing those tweets..Well, emo + emo = more emo! And call it sour-grapes if you must. I just broke.

So, I’m sorry.

With that said, this popped into my mind while I was bathing –

Your financial situation remains ambiguous till late April as <insert planet name> moves into <insert planet name>. Relationships among friends and family looks choppy but as long as you lay low and keep your comments to yourself, all will be fine. As <insert planet name> moves out of <insert planet name>, things might start to look up. Hang on tight!

Randomness at its best! Time to stone and bed!


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