Bakery and Restaurant Story Fever! (:

The last time I was so tied to this type of game was back in April/May 2010? The “We Rule” days where I will wake up super early in the morning to harvest my crops! 😛

This time..I am stuck on not one BUT TWO of such games! T_T

It started with one of my colleague, SY, asking us to download “Restaurant Story”.

Restaurant Story

Out of the entire office, only Viv downloaded it. Hahahah! BUT! SY and Viv started discussing about their restaurant and such, which got me curious.

SO! I downloaded “Restaurant Story”! HOWEVER! Viv told me that there’s another one called, “Bakery Story” and off we go and download T_T

Bakery Story

The next thing you know, you hear KACHING sounds every hour, indicating that someone’s food is ready to be served. You can hear us suddenly exclaiming, “AIYA! My bakery!” before we take out our phones (iPhone AND Android). We are discussing about our food, our design and our customers. We are talking about sending gifts and tipping each other.

AND THEN! We discovered that another colleague’s daughter has been playing the game on her iPad and iPhone! AND THEN! 2 other colleagues joined the game. AND THEN! SY’s son joined the game. The last I heard, someone’s hubby is curious about the game. HAHAHAH! 😛

Anyways! I guess, this is a good distraction from work (: I just wished that the Android version will be allowed to change their wallpaper and tiles soon 😦

And now *drums roll* Pictures of my bakery and restaurant!


my bakery (:

Design explanation: Since I can’t change the tiles and wallpaper, I thought I will make the area with the white tiles to be the “outdoor” and “atas” portion of the Bakery! 😛

my restaurant (:

Design explanation: Design inspired by that atas-Japanese restaurant we went to during Christmas. I also have a Class A seat on the left where the person is surrounded by food! Good life yes? There’s also the Class B seats where they have one food in front of them only. The Class C seats are those with the stoves and ovens next to them 😛 Class D is in the left corner 😛

Silly huh? But it’s quite fun! To be able to design and cook stuff that you can’t in reality! (: Like! But I know boredom will set in soon enough 😛

Ahwell! One more photo before I go! Viv’s bakery! She’s the one who helped me take a screenshot of mine (Android can’t take SS). Hehe!

Viv's Bakery (:

Well, if you are on the game as well, please add me – claud1987! (: Drop me a note to let me know too k! 😛

Got to go! My strawberry cheesecake is ready!

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