2 weeks has passed since 2011 started.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t cross the year with a positive attitude. Maybe it’s because of that snail that I stepped on. Maybe it’s because it’s that black cat that crossed my path. Or maybe it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of luck changes every year.

Whatever it is, my first 2 weeks of 2011 was rather challenging. For the first week, I was constantly ranting to Ah Boy aka Scarecrow aka Pig aka Rubbish Bin on MSN. On the second week, family issues.

And with those kind of attitude, everything else sucks for me to. I turned whiney (well, more whiney than usual).

I don’t know why I am so negative all of a sudden. But while K-ing with twang, CS and PPP tonight, this phrase caught my attention –

用简单的言语 解开超载的心


This phrase hit home. I guess…I’ve been feeling trapped. Realizing that I can’t go overseas for another year. Realizing that I have some added responsibility. Realizing that I am one step further away from goal of letting my parents live comfortably. And a whole chunk of mambo jambo + Lack of me time. Sigh. I have a 超载的心.

Whatever it is, I am going to hibernate this weekend. I am also looking forward to my Thurs – Sun leave next week (: Me me me time!



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