wake me up before you go oh~

There are 3 ways that I can wake up in the morning (or whatever time I need to get out of bed) and here’s their description.

(Yes, I cannot believe I am writing a post about this!)

Natural body clock

This is how I wake up on most days. I tend to wake up 30min to 1 hour before the alarm on work days (that’s like 6.20am or 5.45am). On weekends, if I don’t have anything on, it’s around 11-ish.

I love to wake up like this. Cos I can slowly collect my thoughts, do some prep talk before I sit up, stare at the bright building @ Raffles Place and head out to get some breakfast (:

Slow and easy~

The knock on the door

On the rare occasion that I forget to set alarm and my body clock fails me, the dad will be in-charge of waking me up.

As I have this a nobody-enters-my-room rule, the dad is very cute. He will knock on my door really really gently and whisper, “Ah Shan, ah shan..” Usually by the 3rd time he calls me, I will be awake and he will then gently break the news to me (i.e. tell me the time).

This is not too bad. Cos I still wake up relatively slowly. I will go about doing my morning activities in auto mode and the thoughts and prep talk will be done along the way.

The jerk awake


I hate to wake up this way. But sometimes, I only wake up when the alarm rings. Or sometimes (usually on weekends), my mum feels like waking me up.  She will open my door really loudly and then shout, “AH SHAN!” + proceed to talk really urgently as if there’s a fire happening.

Alarm/mum will usually make me jump up in bed. I am not kidding. I really jump. I can feel the “lift” and the “plop” after that.

I will wake up really irritated and my heart will be racing. No prep talks or collection of thoughts. I will start the day of grouchy and complaining non-stop. If you get in my way, I am going to snap at you.

So yes, these are 3 ways I can wake up in the morning or when I need to. What about you?

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