Fly me to Super Show 3 (:

3 more days!! Oh me, oh my! *squeals like a little girl*

After all that talk, after all that deliberating, after the queue-ing. It’s finally going to be here! 😀

The last time I saw the boys, I became a fan!

Fineeeee. I couldn’t get over how THICK their eyebrows were. Especially Siwon’s! I remember telling Nicole after the press conference, “Hmmm. Nothing much eh?” But after their showcase…I’m a convert! And a Siwon fan~

I uploaded the photos I took to Facebook and ber came to me. She said, “..I’m so glad you like Suju! Now I’ll have someone to talk to about them!” HAHAHAHA!

And so began our late nights chat on MSN about Super Junior. We will be swapping videos on YouTube, she will be showing me stuff that I cannot miss etc. Watching them performed makes my day! (Still do!)

It was also because of Super Junior, I finally found the courage (and reason) to learn Korean (: Been wanting to learn it since I was 15 but can never find the reason to justify it (:

It was also because of Super Junior that I started liking SHINee (thanks to ber), SNSD, B2st and 4-Minute! Heeee.

It was also because of Super Junior that I stopped emo-ing. Well, that was the last time I remembered moping about THAT topic, anyway.

PLUS! Super Junior has members who are around my age! So I don’t feel like some weird noona when I swoon over them 😛

So, how can I not go, right? 😛

Plus, I get to see Siwon in a carrot costume!

AND! Shirtless!


om nom nom!

I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday to come!

Oh! If you are going for the Saturday show and would like to swap for either a T04 or A02 ticket, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

(For those of you laughing at me, seriously, would you rather I go gaa-gaa over them or Justin Bieber? :P)



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