happy lunar new year! (:

It seems to be turning into a tradition. Rushing to clean my wardrobe and room till 11+ before gobbling down dinner just before the clock strikes midnight.

Anyways! (:

It’s the year of the rabbits! (: My year, my year!

I remember sulking till my mum agreed to bring me to Marina Square to look at the rabbits “exhibition” that they had back when I was twelve! How time passed, yes? It’s been 12 years! (:

12 years since PSLE! 11 years since I went to Deyi! 10 years since I became a councillor and PSL! 9 years since I was a committee member! 8 years since O’levls! 7 years since NYJC! 6 years since A’level! 5 years since NTU NBS! 4 years since my attachment at PA! 3 years since Bloggers’ Calendar! 2 years since graduation! 1 year since I’ve moved on! 7 months since I started working again!

12 years!

Anyways, here’s to more peaceful (if not, great) years ahead !

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Stay healthy! (Yes, that’s the translated meaning!)

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