[rant] please don’t do the laundry, dad! :(

I know I am mean to say this but I can’t wait for my dad to go back to work on Thursday 😦 He is driving me nuts at home.

He likes to meddle with everything. For example, he cut the towel my mum used to tie around her head when she cooks. Now, the towel is too short. I’m pretty sure my mum will yell at him tomorrow IF she’s in a bad mood.

THEN! There’s the laundry.

I think it is sweet of my dad to help my mum to do the laundry. With that said, dad, please STOP doing the laundry. Why?

a) Detergent

Usually he puts too much detergent. I came home to the laundry STIFF and I think I can bend them in shapes and they will STAY there. The entire load looks like it has been STARCHED.

Sometimes, he will put too little detergent.

Either way, I will end up scratching if I wear those clothes. Yes, my skin is THAT sensitive.

b) Hanging the clothes to dry

Okay. I am a little OCD. My mum hangs the laundry on clothes rack and usually push them out to the corridor to dry. It’s something we started after she had her operation a few years back. The bamboos are too heavy for her.

So…being the OCD person that I am, I will move my clothes into the middle IF they happen to be at the side. After doing this for several weeks, my mum noticed a pattern and started to hang my clothes in the middle (so sweet hor?). But my dad? He doesn’t know this rule! And just hangs my clothes everywhere and anywhere! Seriously?

AND!!! My mum usually turns the clothes AND shorts inside out before putting them into the washing machine and before hanging them out to dry. I think there was some logic there. But my dad? Just dump all the clothes in and hang the clothes in whatever direction that they were in. REALLY?

c) Missing the laundry

Usually, I will dump my sleeping clothes into the washing machine before I head out to work. But since my dad 职高奋勇 and offered to do the laundry, he will do it SUPER EARLY in the morning which means, by the time I change out of my sleeping clothes, the laundry has been done.

OK. No biggie right? Usually the mum will just wash those clothes the next day.

But you know what? I think my dad picked up those clothes, throw them into water or something and then throw them into the washing machine to dry it together with the clean clothes. Do you know how I found out? I missed the cycle today but when I came back, my clothes are washed and they all have the starchy quality. It’s IMPOSSIBLE that he will restart the machine just for those 2 pieces of clothing.

OHHHH! And I think he picks up this small towel I used to clean my face and just hangs it back to dry because he thinks that it does not LOOK dirty.


So, dad! Please dont do the laundry anymore 😦 I will end up either itching like mad and breaking out like mad or mum will end up having more laundry to wash when you go back to work! Pleeeaaaasssseee. Leave it to the expert! If you want mum to rest, then LEAVE THE LAUNDRY TO ME!!!




One thought on “[rant] please don’t do the laundry, dad! :(

  1. I dry air dry everything on clothes drying rack as well. You are probably right that your dad is putting in to much soap which is why your clothes are coming out stiff. However I think rather than just telling your Dad not to do the laundry you should get up early and offer to do it with him so that he can learn how. That way he can help you and your mom more.

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