Dear Dad.

Dear Dad,

The reason why I decided to take over the utilities bill is as follows –

  • Convenience
    I do not want to come out of the bathroom to find the entire house dark. I am through with walking into things in the dark and getting blue-black.
  • My “habit”
    To you and mum, it’s a habit, it’s a psychological disorder. But to me, it’s a way of dealing with all your karang-guni works. The unfortunate thing is I use alot of water, tissues and stuff to keep things clean.

    To get you guys off my back for the excessive use of water (and after that huge ugly fight), I took over the utilities bill and started buying the tissues and etc.

  • To avoid getting blamed
    Seriously, dad. Every time you switch off the lights prematurely and I start working in things, it makes a load of noise. This noise will wake mum who is a light sleeper. And if the noise from walking into stuff don’t wake up, the switching on (and off afterwards) of the lights will wake her.

    Do you know what happens when she wakes up? You got it! I get yelled at and blamed for waking her up. She will go on and on about how she can not go back to sleep after waking up once in the night. Not pleasant, I tell you.

  • Flushing of toilet
    I don’t know about you. Maybe saving water is more important than flushing. But, dad. Waking up at 6am in the morning to a really stinky toilet is not pleasant. It’s a rude awakening and spoils my mood (and yours) for the entire day. And you wonder why I don’t like to drink water before bed. That’s because I do not want to wake up in the middle of the night to find that the toilet stinks.

So, dad, please do the following –

  • Stop switching off the lights prematurely
  • Use water generously
    Flush as many times as you want. Use the washing machine to dispense water. Stop pouring water into washing machine manually. You will underestimate (= unclean clothes = itchy skin) or overestimate (= washing machine spoils).

I really hope you understand, dad. I hope things improve. If not, I find it pointless for me to keep on paying the entire utilities bill when my quality of life is still the same as when I am paying HALF of it. Honestly, I can find better ways to spend those money to improve my “quality of life”.

And maybe, I can stop feeling guilty about spending. Yes, I feel guilty even when I am buying food to feed myself. The thought of skipping lunch did cross my mind many times.


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