windows vs apple.

No, this is not some post about the benefits of windows vs apple. Nor is it a post about which is better.

But, this was how I explained a Windows laptop and a MacBook Pro to my mother. Note: The rest will be in Chinese.

So, the mum and I were stoning in front of the television while the sister keeps grumbling about how she doesn’t want to go out to pickup a laptop. And this is the conversation that followed –

Mum: 她为什么要去拿电脑?她不是有咯!这样贵不可以用?
Me: 没有。她的电脑不适合。

*mum gives blur look*

Me: 你看啊。。80% 的人是用*pause* Errrr…是用窗口!大姐是用苹果! 苹果和窗口是不同种类嘛!她的学校是用窗口,所以她的苹果buay gum! 我的窗口要死了,所以她要跟朋友借咯!

After that, my mum understood the whole situation and went on about how she didn’t allow me to buy a 苹果 back in Year 1 -.-

[/another pointless entry]


Korean games(:

Last week’s Korean lesson was kind of fun (:

The class started with a quick quiz that included some questions on Super Junior and to describe the taste of some food. With the help of Google translate and my *cough* superb *cough* knowledge of Super Junior, I got myself 2 goodies!

Om nom nom!

I think they are barley and rice something 😛 Taste is okay only though. But YAY! This totally cheered me up (:

After spending 1hour going through grammar, my teacher gave us a choice a) to continue to learn or b) to play some games. Do you even need me to tell you what we chose? GAMESSSS!!!

No idea what the first game is called but I’ve definitely seen it on TV. I like to call this the Korean version of 飞机棋!

Basically, each team has 4 tokens that they need to bring home. And how many steps you moved will be determined by throwing 4 sticks instead of dices.

the game map.

the sticks.

If there’s one stick facing up, you move 1 steps. Two sticks,2 steps and so on and so forth. Had loads of fun playing this. I think my table was the loudest cause we were shouting and yelling :p HAHAHAH!

After that, we start on a card game called, “Go Stop”!

I like to call this the Korean 十二只 or whatever those colorful cards old people like to play 😛

the cards.

Now, this game is abit hard to understand because the cards look the same! But they are apparently split into 12 months and each month has about 4 cards I think. Depending on how many players are there, the number of cards that you start the game with is different. But overall, 28 cards will be out, while the rest of the cards will be in the stock pile.

This game is funny because when you “throw” your cards out, you literally HAVE to throw. I was quite gentle the first few rounds so my teacher had to pick up my card and throw it for me! HAHAHAHAH!

Still trying to figure out how to play this though! Been trying to understand the instructions on Wikipedia. I have also downloaded the game on both iPod touch and Galaxy S (:

WHEEE~ So that was class last week! I hope we get exposed to Korean culture more in the lessons to come (:

In other news, there’s a test tomorrow! AHHHHHHH!

AND! I managed to read a Korean tweet without Google translating. Okay, FINE! The tweet was relatively simple – 말레이시아 슈퍼쇼3 여러분들의 사랑 !! 너무고마워!!!

It’s by Yesung from Super Junior 😛

Simple as it is..I have a sense of achievement 😛 Alrighty! Till next time 😀


Ganbatte, Japan! 아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본!

This might be a small plug 😛 But heh.

We all know about the 9.0 earthquake and the tsunami afterwards that hit Japan on the 11th of March.

from The Straits Times

While we hope that we can do more to help the people, for now, I guess the best we can do is to donate. Mercy Relief is now accepting donations from the public to procure relief supplies.

And to support their efforts, Maybank will be offering 2% cash rebates for all donations made using Maybank card via Mercy Relief ‘s website. Here are the detailed instructions –

  • Visit Mercy Relief’s website.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the eNets logo.
  • Select “Pledge to Current Emergency Relief”, fill up the form and click “Submit”.

Do note that the cash rebate is caped at $50 and will be awarded by May 2010.

Alternatively, you can head on down to any of Maybank’s branches from 22nd March, Tuesday onwards to donate via the Mercy Relief donation cans. No cash rebate will be given but your donation will be greatly appreciated (: You can also find Mercy Relief donation cans @ Mr Bean’s outlet and Jumbo Seafood Outlet.

When is this till? From now till 15th April.

Meanwhile, if you know of any other ways/ things that can be done to help Japan, drop me a note!

아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본! (Aja aja! Hwaiting, Japan!)


You can now donate to the relief funds via your handphone! (:

M1, SingTel and StarHub post-paid mobile customers will be able to make a $5, $10 or $20 donation by sending an SMS to the 78888. All administration fees have been waived (:

However, instead of Mercy Relief, donations will go towards the Singapore Red Cross Society’s relief efforts in Japan! To make a donation, just do the following:

  • For a $5 donation, SMS RC5 to 78888
  • For a $10 donation, SMS RC10 to 78888
  • For a $20 donation, SMS RC20 to 78888

The donations will be reflected in  your next month’s bill. Simple as that (:

For now, 아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본!

tidbit fact about me.

Internal attribution. I think that’s a part of me that I love and hate the most.

When I do something wrong, I will always be my own worst nightmare. Because this little voice in me will start lecturing me on and on and on and on. By the time anyone comes round to scold me, I would have already scolded myself at least 10 times and have already told myself WHY I was wrong at least 10 times too.

Similarly, when it comes to quarrels or fights, I blame myself the most. Because I believe it takes 2 hands to clap. A fight happened so at some point, I must have contributed to it. I must have lose my temper (again). Yes, I am well-known among my friends for having really bad temper.

With that said, I am also very well-known for apologising or blaming myself for everything that happened in a fight. I will also forget about what the fight was about rather quickly. Like a matchstick, I flare up quickly but I cool down AND forget just as quickly.

After a fight happened, I will lecture myself and do a “analysis” of stuff. What I have done wrong, why, gazillion nagging to myself, nag someone.

Someone once told me this, “I know I don’t have to scold you when things go wrong. Because you would have already done that yourself. you know what you did wrong? Do you know what you could have done better?”

And most of the time, I am angry with myself when I lose my temper.


The next time I am angry, I will just breathe through my nose like Seohyun.


brood. broody.

Aye. I don’t know why. Since Wednesday, I’ve been broody. It’s not full-fledged emo but just <blank>.

There’s no words to describe that feeling. And I don’t know what caused it.

I’ll be working halfway and some unhappy stuff of the past will just ZING in front of me. I’ll be caught by surprise and stopped working for a minute before I shake myself out of it. This occurs at least once a day for the past week.

It almost feels like I am sinking back into that dark place that I was in 2 years back. Almost. Especially with the gradual lost of sleep.

Friday really took the crown.

This empty feeling lingered over the entire weekend. I couldn’t sleep properly. Yes, I slept for 8 hours but that 8 hours of sleep was noisy.

I tried to watch dramas/movies/variety shows but I lost interest quickly. Tried watching Super Junior but that…didn’t really work either.

I tried eating my comfort food. McDonalds. Fried Carrot Cake. That 2 pieces of Tim Tams. Didn’t work.

I really don’t know why I am feeling this way again. Could be the pimples on my nose and forehead. Could be that tiny inconsiderate action at work. Could be the weather. But I can’t find the trigger.

MEH! All I can say is I am sick of feeling this way. MEH. This feeling that is oh-so-familiar to me in 2009. I need to get rid of it.


[side: went to Happy Monsters and found some really cute stuff(:]

a jerky night.

I had a really terrible night on Friday.

I went to sleep slightly later the usual cos I was going through all the photos from all my photo trips so that I can copy them to the digital photo frame at work. So by the time everything was done, it was approximately 2.15am.

I climbed into bed and snuggled under the blanket cos it was kinda cold! My eyes were super tired too! I thought I will fall asleep in a minute but I was wrong.

I couldn’t fall asleep! My eyes refused to shut! I was staring into the darkness and spacing out. Random stuff was running through my head. When I was just about to fall asleep, I will JUMP awake.

You know how sometime you will feel like you are falling while sleeping and then you will wake up with a start? That’s what happened to me!

AND! It kept happening throughout the night! I will be staring into the darkness and then when I am about to sleep, SHUDDER! I will be kept awake. It was around 5.45am that I decided that I can’t take it anymore. I woke up and had breakfast before heading back to my room to nuar.

At around 6.15am, I finally fell asleep but afraid that I will be late for work, I woke up at 7 again T_T

Needless to say, I was pretty zombified today. Panda eyes too!

I also woke up with a stiff neck cos I was tossing and turning so much 😦

I am so determined to sleep well tonight! I’ve cleaned my room, changed my bedsheets and my colleague bought me a new pillow!

my neck better 争气点!


Angry Birds + Android Bot Collectibles (:

  • I wished I got them sent to my office instead 😛 But I came home to these today –

Droid bot.



Angry Bird w/ extra furrrr?

Cute right? (: Was busy playing with the Angry Bird cos it makes those noise in the game when you hit it! Well, initially, I thought the only way to make it “crrooo” is to pull the sling shot so I kept hitting myself-.- FAIL! But after dropping it by accident, I realised just bumping it will do too. HAHAHAHA! Opps :X

My sister came home and we started throwing the bird at each other just because we like the “crrooo” sound. My mum thinks it sounds cruel. BUT! My grams was pretty entertained! 😀 My sister even got her to hit the bird. She laughed so heartily and sincerely when it “crrrooo”. Been a while since I saw her laugh that way (: That really melted away some of the grouchiness in me (:

Tried to get my sister to get my grams to do it again so I can catch it on photo. But my grams don’t want to. So, here’s a photo of my sister trying –


grams and angry bird (:

I’m bringing it to the office and putting it there! (: I know the kids (and I do mean, kids. Colleague’s kids) will like it! And maybe Kai Kai will stop crying 😛 Heeee.

Anyways, IF you are interested in getting your own Angry Bird plushie or an Android bot collectible, here’s how –

Drop by the IT Show happening this weekend and head to Singtel’s Red Hot Sale booth @ Suntec Convention Hall, Level 2 Ballroom 1! (:

  • Purchase any Android phones on any Flexi Plan! For the first 200 sign ups daily only. OR
  • Head to Facebook and Like Singtel! Likey likey! THEN! Go to Singtel’s booth and show them that you’ve given them the thumbs up (i.e like their page) and you’ll stand a chance to play the UFO Catcher! No $1 coins needed! Put those practice you had at the arcade to good use 😀



Heeee. Thanks for the plushies, Singtel! (: Whheeeeee~