Canon’s new feature – Movie Digest (:

I am always excited when I receive an email to a Canon event (: While I am a Nikonian for DSLRs, I love love love the compact cameras from Canon! Why? Because their compact cameras is a) stylish (red color, yo!), b) easy to operate and most importantly, c) fun features!

Now if you are on my Facebook or Twitter, you might have seen the following exclamation –

after seeing the ad on tv.

Yesss! Some more new stuff for Canon compacts! Can we say, “YAHOOO!” ? Therefore, it was with much excitement that I went to the Canon event at Canon Imaging Academy (:

The theme was “Back to School” and we were split into different classes. Each class will have to go through 3 lessons – video cam, SLR and compact. Cos I really wanted to get to the compact cameras’ “class”, I didn’t pay attention to the video cams or the SLRs 😛 BUT! I have to say Canon 1100D is pretteh! If I have that SLR, I won’t have to stick a butterfly sticker on it to make it look more girl! Why? Cos it comes in RED!


picture from (:

Anyways, highlight of the day is of course, the compacts (:


Canon IXUS 220HS

Now, to me,this is the improved version of the IXUS 130 which I had a really fun time with at USS last year (: With more features!

On top of all the features in IXUS 130, the IXUS 220 HS uses the HS system I will cut all the techno-mambo-jumbo 😛 Just know that IXUS 220HS will perform better cos it uses a different system (: And…On top of all the features in IXUS 130 (you can read all about them here) + all features in IXUS 1000HS (read here), IXUS 220HS comes with 3 new modes – Movie Digest, Monochrome (not going to elaborate cos I didn’t really play with this mode) and Toy Camera(:

Toy Camera

I wish I have pictures to show you but I forgot to put in the SD carded provided when playing with the camera *goes into corner and sulks*

Words will have to do for now! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on the cameras (:

I wasn’t paying attention when the “teacher” was going through the “lessons”. So when I switched on the camera and found the Toy Camera mode, I was pleasantly surprised (:  The image created looks pretty authentic.



Anyways, short attention span I have. Movie digest, here I come! 😀

Movie Digest

This is the ad that caught my attention (: Can’t find that ad but here’s another video that shows you what movie digest is about (skip to about 1:26)

I don’t know how the camera knows when to record the 4 seconds but it works! Nope. Your subject do not have to hold still for 4 seconds. Just snap as you like and a 4-second video before that snap will be there! Amazing, isn’t it?

The best part it…it works in Timer mode too! It will be perfect for group shots! I don’t know about you. But the funniest thing always happen before the timer goes off. There will be shouts of, “Mei mei, mei mei! Hurry hurry!” or “Why your timer so long one!” or “Now? Smile now?”  OR! In a very special case, you can catch the culprit who “Lo Hei” so vigorously that everyone around her/him kena (True story!).

And if you want to make a video montage (for farewell, for anniversary, for thank yous), these are all the small moments that will make people laugh, that people remembers the most (:

However, do note that it takes a slightly longer time for the camera to buffer before you can take the next shot. But hey, nothing is perfect!

You can view the video behind each photo individually or together (the camera automatically compiles the day’s events into one folder). If you want to view it individually, just go to the photo > menu > video digest (can’t really remember the exact buttons to press but it shld be correct!).

Nice right? (: I likey likey (:

You can read more about the tech specs on Canon’s website and the thorough review on (:

Canon IXUS 310HS

Exactly like the IXUS 220HS but with a bigger display cause it’s touch screen *pointy pointy poke poke* But it won’t be out till end March (tentative).

Canon Powershot SX230HS

Cos I was busy playing with the IXUS 220HS, I didn’t have time to touch this. But it comes with an in-built GPS system, has everything that IXUS 220HS have AND has Aperture/Shutter Priority! (: But it won’t be out till end March (tentative).

This should be an interesting camera to bring along when you are travelling (: Maybe I should bring it to Korea! 😀

Anyways, that’s all from me! (: I hope I didn’t provide any wrong information *cross fingers* Jana!

PS: For prices of Canon products during the IT show, click here.

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