a jerky night.

I had a really terrible night on Friday.

I went to sleep slightly later the usual cos I was going through all the photos from all my photo trips so that I can copy them to the digital photo frame at work. So by the time everything was done, it was approximately 2.15am.

I climbed into bed and snuggled under the blanket cos it was kinda cold! My eyes were super tired too! I thought I will fall asleep in a minute but I was wrong.

I couldn’t fall asleep! My eyes refused to shut! I was staring into the darkness and spacing out. Random stuff was running through my head. When I was just about to fall asleep, I will JUMP awake.

You know how sometime you will feel like you are falling while sleeping and then you will wake up with a start? That’s what happened to me!

AND! It kept happening throughout the night! I will be staring into the darkness and then when I am about to sleep, SHUDDER! I will be kept awake. It was around 5.45am that I decided that I can’t take it anymore. I woke up and had breakfast before heading back to my room to nuar.

At around 6.15am, I finally fell asleep but afraid that I will be late for work, I woke up at 7 again T_T

Needless to say, I was pretty zombified today. Panda eyes too!

I also woke up with a stiff neck cos I was tossing and turning so much 😦

I am so determined to sleep well tonight! I’ve cleaned my room, changed my bedsheets and my colleague bought me a new pillow!

my neck better 争气点!


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