Angry Birds + Android Bot Collectibles (:

  • I wished I got them sent to my office instead 😛 But I came home to these today –

Droid bot.



Angry Bird w/ extra furrrr?

Cute right? (: Was busy playing with the Angry Bird cos it makes those noise in the game when you hit it! Well, initially, I thought the only way to make it “crrooo” is to pull the sling shot so I kept hitting myself-.- FAIL! But after dropping it by accident, I realised just bumping it will do too. HAHAHAHA! Opps :X

My sister came home and we started throwing the bird at each other just because we like the “crrooo” sound. My mum thinks it sounds cruel. BUT! My grams was pretty entertained! 😀 My sister even got her to hit the bird. She laughed so heartily and sincerely when it “crrrooo”. Been a while since I saw her laugh that way (: That really melted away some of the grouchiness in me (:

Tried to get my sister to get my grams to do it again so I can catch it on photo. But my grams don’t want to. So, here’s a photo of my sister trying –


grams and angry bird (:

I’m bringing it to the office and putting it there! (: I know the kids (and I do mean, kids. Colleague’s kids) will like it! And maybe Kai Kai will stop crying 😛 Heeee.

Anyways, IF you are interested in getting your own Angry Bird plushie or an Android bot collectible, here’s how –

Drop by the IT Show happening this weekend and head to Singtel’s Red Hot Sale booth @ Suntec Convention Hall, Level 2 Ballroom 1! (:

  • Purchase any Android phones on any Flexi Plan! For the first 200 sign ups daily only. OR
  • Head to Facebook and Like Singtel! Likey likey! THEN! Go to Singtel’s booth and show them that you’ve given them the thumbs up (i.e like their page) and you’ll stand a chance to play the UFO Catcher! No $1 coins needed! Put those practice you had at the arcade to good use 😀



Heeee. Thanks for the plushies, Singtel! (: Whheeeeee~


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