brood. broody.

Aye. I don’t know why. Since Wednesday, I’ve been broody. It’s not full-fledged emo but just <blank>.

There’s no words to describe that feeling. And I don’t know what caused it.

I’ll be working halfway and some unhappy stuff of the past will just ZING in front of me. I’ll be caught by surprise and stopped working for a minute before I shake myself out of it. This occurs at least once a day for the past week.

It almost feels like I am sinking back into that dark place that I was in 2 years back. Almost. Especially with the gradual lost of sleep.

Friday really took the crown.

This empty feeling lingered over the entire weekend. I couldn’t sleep properly. Yes, I slept for 8 hours but that 8 hours of sleep was noisy.

I tried to watch dramas/movies/variety shows but I lost interest quickly. Tried watching Super Junior but that…didn’t really work either.

I tried eating my comfort food. McDonalds. Fried Carrot Cake. That 2 pieces of Tim Tams. Didn’t work.

I really don’t know why I am feeling this way again. Could be the pimples on my nose and forehead. Could be that tiny inconsiderate action at work. Could be the weather. But I can’t find the trigger.

MEH! All I can say is I am sick of feeling this way. MEH. This feeling that is oh-so-familiar to me in 2009. I need to get rid of it.


[side: went to Happy Monsters and found some really cute stuff(:]


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