Ganbatte, Japan! 아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본!

This might be a small plug 😛 But heh.

We all know about the 9.0 earthquake and the tsunami afterwards that hit Japan on the 11th of March.

from The Straits Times

While we hope that we can do more to help the people, for now, I guess the best we can do is to donate. Mercy Relief is now accepting donations from the public to procure relief supplies.

And to support their efforts, Maybank will be offering 2% cash rebates for all donations made using Maybank card via Mercy Relief ‘s website. Here are the detailed instructions –

  • Visit Mercy Relief’s website.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the eNets logo.
  • Select “Pledge to Current Emergency Relief”, fill up the form and click “Submit”.

Do note that the cash rebate is caped at $50 and will be awarded by May 2010.

Alternatively, you can head on down to any of Maybank’s branches from 22nd March, Tuesday onwards to donate via the Mercy Relief donation cans. No cash rebate will be given but your donation will be greatly appreciated (: You can also find Mercy Relief donation cans @ Mr Bean’s outlet and Jumbo Seafood Outlet.

When is this till? From now till 15th April.

Meanwhile, if you know of any other ways/ things that can be done to help Japan, drop me a note!

아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본! (Aja aja! Hwaiting, Japan!)


You can now donate to the relief funds via your handphone! (:

M1, SingTel and StarHub post-paid mobile customers will be able to make a $5, $10 or $20 donation by sending an SMS to the 78888. All administration fees have been waived (:

However, instead of Mercy Relief, donations will go towards the Singapore Red Cross Society’s relief efforts in Japan! To make a donation, just do the following:

  • For a $5 donation, SMS RC5 to 78888
  • For a $10 donation, SMS RC10 to 78888
  • For a $20 donation, SMS RC20 to 78888

The donations will be reflected in  your next month’s bill. Simple as that (:

For now, 아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본!

2 thoughts on “Ganbatte, Japan! 아자, 아자!화이팅, 일본!

  1. This charity drive is truckload of BS to me… and for the media to get a glimpse of the world stage light.

    First we are not talking a developing country, or some famine struck country, but a country which is far developed than us. Not only that, far more richer than us.

    Instead of donating to help our domestic charitable bodies, we are donating out? Wake up Singaporeans… stop being a kid and polluted by the media.

  2. wow, that’s a really serious opposition.

    look at this way. whenever a natural disaster happens, Singaporeans are always willing to donate, regardless if the country is a developing or developed country. when the tsunami happened last time, Singaporeans donated too!(:

    And I’m sure Singaporeans are also donating to local charitable bodies (as you put it). Look at the recent SDP Charity Show!

    On the side, personally, i think that what Japan need most now is not money, but items like food, clean water and housing. so it’s more of how fast they can use the money they have (or received) and turn them into those items.

    If you want to have a further discussion, LEAVE your email add. we can take this offline (:

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