Korean games(:

Last week’s Korean lesson was kind of fun (:

The class started with a quick quiz that included some questions on Super Junior and to describe the taste of some food. With the help of Google translate and my *cough* superb *cough* knowledge of Super Junior, I got myself 2 goodies!

Om nom nom!

I think they are barley and rice something 😛 Taste is okay only though. But YAY! This totally cheered me up (:

After spending 1hour going through grammar, my teacher gave us a choice a) to continue to learn or b) to play some games. Do you even need me to tell you what we chose? GAMESSSS!!!

No idea what the first game is called but I’ve definitely seen it on TV. I like to call this the Korean version of 飞机棋!

Basically, each team has 4 tokens that they need to bring home. And how many steps you moved will be determined by throwing 4 sticks instead of dices.

the game map.

the sticks.

If there’s one stick facing up, you move 1 steps. Two sticks,2 steps and so on and so forth. Had loads of fun playing this. I think my table was the loudest cause we were shouting and yelling :p HAHAHAH!

After that, we start on a card game called, “Go Stop”!

I like to call this the Korean 十二只 or whatever those colorful cards old people like to play 😛

the cards.

Now, this game is abit hard to understand because the cards look the same! But they are apparently split into 12 months and each month has about 4 cards I think. Depending on how many players are there, the number of cards that you start the game with is different. But overall, 28 cards will be out, while the rest of the cards will be in the stock pile.

This game is funny because when you “throw” your cards out, you literally HAVE to throw. I was quite gentle the first few rounds so my teacher had to pick up my card and throw it for me! HAHAHAHAH!

Still trying to figure out how to play this though! Been trying to understand the instructions on Wikipedia. I have also downloaded the game on both iPod touch and Galaxy S (:

WHEEE~ So that was class last week! I hope we get exposed to Korean culture more in the lessons to come (:

In other news, there’s a test tomorrow! AHHHHHHH!

AND! I managed to read a Korean tweet without Google translating. Okay, FINE! The tweet was relatively simple –

http://twipl.net/bHrb 말레이시아 슈퍼쇼3 여러분들의 사랑 !! 너무고마워!!!

It’s by Yesung from Super Junior 😛

Simple as it is..I have a sense of achievement 😛 Alrighty! Till next time 😀



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