Healthier Choice @ McDonald’s!

Were having Popeye’s at Punggol Waterfront last week, the usual suspects were saying how awesome (this is seriously becoming my favorite word) it will be if McDonald’s can have the choice of changing fries to corn!

Well..Guess what?

NOW YOU CAN! That’s not all! Look at this –

Healthier choice! (: Part of their makeitbetter efforts, I think! Got to know about this through Victor!

It cost about $6.95 and comes with a free drink. Remember not to order coke! Or it kind of defeats the purpose of having a salad meal 😛

With that said, I don’t really like the idea of a salad value meal (the fries > cup corn thing is great!) because –

1. I just want to be unhealthy!

When I have a bad day, I will start to crave for McDonald’s! Because, there’s nothing like the salty fries, the huge cup of coke and the nuggets/burgers. The huge amount of salt and fats seems to comfort me! I’ve tried replacing it with Subway but…the satisfaction is different!

2. Portions are small!

I saw Victor eating it during lunch on Saturday. The first thing that came to my mind was, “Hmm. It looks a bit small ah?” True enough! He said he felt unsatisfied >.< AISH! Such a small portion! You will feel unsatisfied and go and buy more stuff to eat right? And the first thing that came to my mind was FRIES! FAIL!

SO! You wont be seeing me buying them anytime soon!

Anyways, I think the ladies at work might be happy! Cause nobody noms the fries most of the time! Pretty sure they will like the fries to cup corn option! Hmmm. Wonder if it’s available during the lunch hour!

So! Will you be trying the Salad Chicken McGrill set? Should a fast food joint just remain unhealthy or are healthier options fine?

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