[updated] that’s my photo!

Suffering from a lack of sleep, I thought ber was kidding when I saw her whatsapp message asking when I became a model.  Sleepily, I downloaded the photo and not long after, I SCREAMED.

This was what I saw –



YESSS! That IS my photo under the “Photograph with DIY Cake” caption! If you are curious, here’s the original version –


birthday 2010.

Some genius at The Icing Room has kope-ed the photo from my blog post about my birthday. And this genius is obviously bad at Photoshop and obviously has never done printing before. Because look at the badly edited photo!! Okay, smart lah! Try to cut away the background so that I will blend into pink background and it will look like I am in *checks photo* the workshop. Dear Genius, for your info, for printing, the photos have to be at least 300dpi in CMYK mode.

Other than using my photo WITHOUT permission, there’s many counts of misrepresentation!

a) The cake is designed by my colleagues at Jurong Point.

b) My colleagues did not attend their workshop.

c) Photo was taken in my office while waiting for everyone to gather to sing me the birthday song.

d) I am freaking 23! Not a kid.

I am so embarrased angry frustrated! I am pretty sure this poster is up in all their outlets!

Think will give their boss a tinker tomorrow. It’s a good thing that the boss accidentally click reply all to an enquiry I made. URGH!

[Update: 4th April, 2.42pm]

Here’s the reply from the management –

Dear Huishan,

Sincere apologies for this.

There was a mix-up of photos on our design side before the poster went for print.

Please do rest assured that the photo was only used in-store. We will remove the photo and not use it anymore.

On behalf of The Icing Room, we would like to extend our deepest apologies for this error and thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.

Have a great day ahead.


Jessie Chong
Senior Executive, Brand Development
BreadTalk Pte Ltd

What’s your take? Are you satisfied with the answer? Because frankly, I am not.

[Update: 5th April, 1.40pm]

Sneaked down to The Icing Room at 313 and this is what I saw –


I can’t upload the photo now cos I am on mobile >.<

Stay tune. Cos I am going to email the person again.

[Update: 6th April, 6:00pm]

I had to prompt for a reply before I got this –

Hi Huishan,

Jessie relayed your case to me.

We would like to offer our utmost apology for any inconvenience caused.

On behalf of The Icing Room team, we would like to offer you a $30 voucher from The Icing Room. Please furnish us with your address and we will get it couriered to your door step.

We hope you will continue to be our customer and we welcome feedback from you at any time.

Any questions, please feel free to call me at 6854 9713.

Brand Manager, The Icing Room

Like my colleague said, it’s almost like they are trying to stuff me money to “appease” me. No explanation of what’s going to happen or why everything has happened. I am not stupid. Before you send out the posters for print, you do color proofing! So it is definitely NOT a mistake.

4 thoughts on “[updated] that’s my photo!

  1. Hm. It’s a dissatisfying answer, but other than legally I’m not sure if you have any route to pursue. The important thing now is to put up a copyright declaration on your website, then people who steal your peektures, you can at least threaten legal action if not actual legal action. 🙂

  2. why do they need YOUR co-operation when it’s their fault in the first place?

    alrites! I’m gonna start boycotting Icing Room for their no-etiquette!

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