i love books (:

I still remember how I was afraid of books when I was in K2. Whenever there’s reading time, I will rush to the shelves full of books to grab that ONE book. Just THAT book. Because it’s the only book I can read! It’s a story about a city and a country mouse (:

And then I hit primary school. It started with reading the PETS textbook. Then I started going to the school library. While I mostly borrowed Chinese books (yes, my Chinese was rather awesome), I started borrowing English books too!

In Primary 5, books became a part of my life (: My mum will always bring a sulky me to AMK library every weekend. I will borrow 12 books every week and read them all in a week! Heh.

From then on, reading calms me down. It’s also a form of escape (:

Got withdrawal syndrome yesterday when I finished reading “The Golden Compass” and had nothing to look at before I sleep! Torture~

But all is well! Bought 2 books today ❤ Off to read! 😀

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