the not-so-usual usual suspects.

Since QQ left for her adventure in Japan and all of us got employed, we haven’t been meeting that regularly anymore.

But when QQ came back for a visit, we met up for a photog trip (: We took the Boat Quay route again this time!

Same route, same people (almost), 1.5 years on!

Back in 2009.

Damn it! So skinny back then! WHAT HAPPENED!!!

Was still using my old Lumix back then. Here’s all of us in 2011!

in 2011!

To sound a bit mushy, it’s always a comfort to go out with them (: They are so used to my weird eating habit and they just factor it in when we are looking for places to eat! Similarly, they don’t feel paiseh to go to places where I just sit and stare at them eat 😛 Of course, the most random moments occurs when we are together. Like how we made Darran drive to Pasir Ris park before realising we have nothing to do that! Or how we went in circle looking for Popeye’s at Punggol until Victor saw this tiny sign at the roadside and exclaiming out! HAHAHA!

We also discovered a trend! We tend to have dinner, nuar abit and if DK is driving, we will usually head to airport for Popeye’s -.- HAHAHA! OR! We will have PepperLunch at Suntec before realising we have nowhere to go and head to airport and have Popeye’s! HAHAHA! 😀

HAHAHAHA! Okay, hopefully by saying that, it doesn’t jinx anything!

So yes! Can’t weird for QQ to comeback soon! (: And maybe we can all go travelling again!

Oh yeah! During our random driving adventure, we found the Punggol Promenade!

It’s quite a nice place at night! (: Maybe we should go back to explore soon!

Before I favorite photo from the shoot! Till next time! (:

the bridge looks like 2 stickmen smiling!


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