no fast food for a week!

the junk food queen has stepped down! (:

the weeks of having fast food for lunch at least twice a week has passed!

the decade long habit has changed!

i have managed not to touch mcdonald’s or any kind of fast food for a week! (: AWESOME!

i realised the key is to avoid going out to buy food and just get the colleagues to tabao for me (: so far, i have been surviving on fishball noodles! HAHAH!

to celebrate, i shall feast on an upsize filet-o-fish meal! HAHAHA! KIDDING! (:

Now, I just need to cut the habit of drinking coke every day! HWAITING! 😀

On the side: i’m sorry if i can’t be all sunshine and sunflowers lately. but with what life has been dealing me lately, cloudy/passing shower is the best i can be. I’m trying. that’s all i can say.


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