flying and me.

Everytime I fly, I wish that we will never land (: I love flying!

The speeding of the plane before take off. The feeling like you are falling backwards just after take off. The pop in the ears. The constant “hmmmmm” sound of the engines. I love every bit of flying (:

Every time I fly, the urge to become an air stewardess comes back stronger. I want to be able to travel. To help people put their luggage into the overhead cabin. To meet all kinds of people. To look at every one of the passengers and wonder what adventures they are going next.

But I have too many scars on my hands and being poised is not my strength. I am clumsy as we all know! Plus, I am way too old! 24! 😦 Sigh.

ANYWAYS! I am yearning to fly again (: To get the buzz. To feel like each and every responsibility dropping off from me the higher the plane climbs.

I want to travel. Someday, I will travel loads and loads.

Looking for travel buddies!!

Switzerland. India. Japan. Africa. Middle East. US (New York especially). Maldives. Seychelles. The World!

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