What would you do?

I’ve finally finished watching Personal Taste! After 6 months! *pats self on back* 😛

Anyways, just started on Iris (아이리스) and there’s this situation where they killed one sniper but realised that another sniper was at another block!

The sister and I was going, “WAH! He’ll never make it! The person will die!” But the ‘solution’ that was used got us feeling like dummies >.<

So here’s the floor plan.

There’s a huge crowd at the yellow area and the “target” is on the stage, oblivious to the danger that he is facing. You have just managed to kill (and hence stopped) the sniper located at the top of one building (Location A).

Your partner just informed you that there’s another sniper at the top floor of another building (Location B), opposite to where you are.

So what would you do?

Hehe! Leave your reply if you’re interested! 😀

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