what did you want to be when you were growing up?

We used to play ‘careers’ when we were young. And from a very young age, my answer has always been to be a teacher.

It helped alot that I met several awesome teachers along the way who really inspired me (: Then two of my cousins became teachers! The motivation grew and I was set on becoming one!

Then one day when I was about 13, I was helping out at my dad’s shop and an SIA girl came in and said to me, “You should become an air air stewardess. You’re tall and pretty!”

I’ve never ever considered that as a job. But when my mother actually agreed and we started discussing about it, I got really interested! After my first time on a plane at 14, I was sold on the idea. Besides, travelling is me! I like to visit places (: The plan was to be an air stewardess first before I join the teaching force.

Somewhere along the line, my confidence faltered. I accumulated more scars from my clumsiness and from fights with my brother. I kept finding excuses not to go for SIA interview. And as I grow older, that ambition became a dream. One that I will visit everytime I travel.


I love kids and nursing too! When I first graduated from university, I did consider switching career to become a nurse! A pediatric nurse to be exact! I even went as far as going down to the roadshow and filling up the application form.

But the parents and everyone I know discouraged me 😦  So I threw the idea away!

I also wanted to be a translator! Because since I was 12, I have been translating letters and stuff from English to Chinese for my parents (: Plus, I also did pretty well for a translation competition in junior college! I thought I could work as a translator for old folks! But that job has a high barrier to entry! Sigh.

In my 6 months of self-imposed unemployment, I did consider going straight into teaching! I filled up forms to be a childcare teacher and to be a primary school teacher. But I didn’t send them out! Everyone’s advice was to go out and “see” the world first.

As fate would have it, somehow or another, I landed in the job that I am in now. I’ve never thought of working in the banking industry (despite holding on to a banking degree). So here I am (:

I am happy with where I am now. Kinda!

The siblings are encouraging me to for SIA interview because after my trip to Korea, I kept telling them how much I yearn to fly again. To Korea, to Taiwan, to Aussie and to the rest of the world! Tempted as I am, I know I don’t have the packaging needed >.<

But I know someday…I WILL BECOME A TEACHER (:

It’s a childhood ambition that grew and stayed throughout the years 😀 Friends are really supportive too! Most of them think that I resemble my cousin who taught in my secondary school! So YAAAH!

THERE! Now I’ve said it 😀 Don’t be surprised if 5 years down the road, you see me teaching in a school!

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