Potong Pasir – the end of an ‘era’

I couldn’t decide to name this, “A trip to Potong Pasir” or the current title. In the end, I decided to let this post have the same name as my Facebook album (:

It was an impromptu shoot organised by Victor. The aim was to capture Potong Pasir behind PAP take over. Not really knowing what was I getting myself into or what I was going to shoot, I packed my Nikon and headed out.

Can I say Potong Pasir felt like home?

My dad used to have a shop and we live right above it. We had jackfruit trees at the big patch of grass behind the shop. We grew herbs. We threw “bomb-bags” out the window to scare the pigeons away. We run around playing block catching.

The whole thing went away when the government came in and sold the shop. It was so expensive that my childhood friends went away. My dad had a really hard time coping.

The green grass was gone too. Making way for paved floors with small patches of grasses.

So yes, Potong Pasir felt like childhood. An area untouched by the rush in modernizing every housing estates (:

A blast from the past! Here’s some shots that reminded me of my childhood (:

Discalimer: I am not thrashing or supporting any political parties okay? Just stating a feeling (:


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