Changing to Korean!

A few days after coming back from Korea, I decided to change the default language on iPod Touch to Korean! (:


I mean, I can probably navigate iPod touch without even looking at it. I am so used to the interface that I can switch off my alarm or  cancel notifications without even looking at the words! Therefore, if I change the default language to Korean, I will still be able to use iPod touch without MUCH difficulty! (:


On top of that, maybe through the constant popping and pressing of buttons in Korean, I will eventually know what certain words mean.

For example, now I know 취소 means cancel and 알림 means notification! (:


Of course, some stuff takes a bit of time to get used to. Like trying to send or save an image! I barely touch those functions!

But, trial and error is always available! Make a few mistakes and eventually, you will know what each button stands for and then pick up the language (:


Of course, sometimes when there’s error message, you will panic! The example above is simple enough.  But there’s one error message that popped up on Facebook a few days back and I didn’t understand a thing! PLUS! I had to make a decision!!!

Hahaha! But did some Google Translate and just try! (:  All in good fun!

home screen.

Now I am trying to get my date, day and time to appear in Korean too! Been testing here and there but can’t! Let me know if you know how to do it! (:

YAHHH! (: I love my iPod Touch (otherwise known as touchie)!


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