Is this graciousness?

We all know about the big hoo0haa over how a HSBC staff didn’t give up a seat to an elderly man.

So apparently, the old man accepted the apology from the young man. And this guy from the Singapore Kindness wrote the letter below.

Excuse me, how is the old man’s acceptance of the apology “graciousness”? Why should he be “praised”?

Graciousness is not complaining to the young chap’s CEO! Or escalating the issue to such a high level! Poor chap probably has a HUGE mark on his name from now on! To quote my colleague..The action of that old man is like slapping the young chap and then saying he is sorry!

Seriously? THAT is not the definition of graciousness!

It is little wonder why graciousness is rarely seen in Singapore. We have apparently been teaching the wrong stuff to the kids in school.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Is this graciousness?

  1. One could easily not accept an apology but I think it was still gracious to have accepted it. A single act can be gracious even if an entire situation wasn’t…

    Either way, that Joel fella deserved it la. Although the old man gave a very provoking answer to his, “How old are you?” question, I would think it’s common sense if someone’s desperate enough to ask for a seat, he’s probably in much greater need of it than you.

    On a separate note, who in the world asks that kind of question anyway? So what if the old man answered, “I’m 56.” Is Joel going to go “Eh cannot. 56 not considered senior citizen. You got handicap card? You pregnant? Can show me a broken leg or something?” I think he deserved it. Ooops. Said that already.

    Obviously, I am not as gracious as the old man. haha

    • Hahaha! Admittedly, the old man accepting the apology might just border on being a gracious act. But, I really dont think it warrants a “HE IS GRACIOUS!” letter from the General Manager of the Singapore Kindness Movement. Cos he was un-gracious in the first place?

      Just curious. What if the it was a girl who didn’t give up the seat?

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