Survivor S22: Redemption Island

[random rant]

When this season started, I thought it will just be another boring season with people bitching to each other and just brainless voting.

But! I’m glad I jumped in at around Episode 3!

To quote Jeff Probst, “This is the closest to a perfect game!” and I agree!

I really cannot be bothered about Russell because he is just ECK. He just wants to backstab people as and when it benefits him.

On the other hand, there’s Boston Rob! He is a really strategic player! Every episode, he makes a move that will benefit him. He has the end in mind. And the best part is…You think along with him. Every episode, it almost feels like I am making the decision along with him (:

Okay. Enough with that.

Another person stood out for me this season!


I like how he acknowledges a good move when it was made. When Rob blindsided Matt, he went, “Wow. That’s genius!” Totally caught my attention!

And what he said during the last tribal council, AWWWW~

He probably shook everyone awake and told them, ” Look! This a game of outwitting. He played the best game. He controlled everyone without you knowing it! It was the best game played!”


Okay, bed. stayed up late enough!

P/S: Jeff Probst still an awesome host!


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