back to school!

I remember telling my mum after my convocation, “I’m never going back to school again. No further studies for me!”

Well, as the saying goes, never say never!

All it takes to make me want to go back to school was to attend my brother’s poly graduation ceremony.

happy graduation!

Watching the “march in” of the lecturers/deans/principals, reminded me of my own convocation. How I felt when the line of professors entered the auditorium in their gowns. How I will try to look for professors who have taught me before.

I guess what I missed the most is the sense of achievement? Kind of. You know that feeling of…Expanding your knowledge? Going to class, getting introduced to a new concept. Going home feeling confused. No clue on how to do your tutorials. Going to tutorials, totally clueless. Mugging for exams still as clueless. Sitting for exams equally clueless. But somewhere along the way, you realised, you are not as clueless as you used to be!

Am I making sense? >.<

But yes, I think I might go back to school. Get a diploma or something in Psychology (: I didn’t get a Bachelor in Psychology because they said that it was not practical. But heck it! I’ve got my Bachelor of Business so this time, I am going to do something I like 😀

Better start planning now (:

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