I’m a potential pauper!

I did my braces back in 2007. My mum was nagging me until I eventually gave in -.-

The entire process was pretty short! 1.5 years and I had straight teeth! HUURAH!


Retainers for the rest of my life. Boohoohoo!

Everyone knows how much I like to chew on ice right?

Ice + Retainers = Bad combination 😦

The retainers broke after 2 years! And I am heading to the dentist to make a new set before my teeth starts shifting..

According to my colleague who just did her retainers, the cost will approx be about S$1000 for the remodel.


So yes. I will be eating grass for the next 2-3 months!

the wonders of Singtel AMPed.

I’m slow, I’m slow!

I have had that icon sitting on the homescreen of Galaxy S the entire year and I’ve never actually went to explore it! It was until today, when Touchie was out of batt and I was desperate for some songs that I went in to explore.

OMO! Singtel AMPed, I love you(kinda)! ❤

 In the 15 minutes I spent exploring, I have downloaded 10 SNSD songs, 3 4-Minute, 3 Beast, 2 KARA and a few others random songs! There I was wondering if I should part with my “ka-ching” to buy the albums when there was an easier and free way to own the songs ❤

While exclaiming my delight over the discovery over diner, Victor told me that I can also download 15 free tracks on my laptop. WHEEE~ 15 new songs every month yo!! (: HELLO, KPOP!

However! I think the search function can be improved though! Was searching for a few songs but nothing came out. It was until I went to somebody else’s playlist that I found the songs I wanted. Yet to try the website though! Might be better, I hope!

So yes! If you are on Singtel, what are you waiting for! START DOWNLOADING and AMP-ing up your phone! (:

Oh yeah. To make it even more attractive, there’s some contest going on!

And no, this is not a plug. I’m sincerely amazed by this app. Heheheh! 😀


thank you.

thank you, everyone (:

for the suggestions and concern shown over my skin.

for pretending that the pimples aren’t there.

for making me laugh about my pimples.

for showing some warmth when the middle child syndrome struck.

thank you (:

mushy much? 😛

no more leave for the rest of the…

After my 3.5 days of leave, I am officially out of leave for the rest of the FY (also known as financial year).

How am I going to survive the next 5 days!!!! 😛

Muahahahah! In 5 working days, it will be a new FY for me! Which means…MORE LEAVES!! Booyah! 😀

With that said, this also mark my first year with ANY company (: WHEEE~

Here’s to more to come, I hope! Cheers! 😀

staying in touch.

Sometimes, I really don’t understand why some people get offended when I don’t update them about my life. And why they take it so personally. Even nagging me about it.

I just..don’t have the habit?

It’s not like I am updating everybody else and excluding you on purpose. No, I am not updating anyone at all. Well, other than people I’ve met up with. And just because I am not updating you, it doesn’t mean that I treat you anything less than a friend. Like, what kind of reasoning is that?

Plus, it’s not like I won’t tell you if you asked. If you ask, I will tell you what’s going on in my life. If you don’t, well..I won’t say!

It’s a habit ingrained in me. A…conditioned response if you will. I’ve learnt not to tell my parents too much (if any) about my life because I know they will worry. This naturally translates into a habit I bring into my life.

Oh. And, I don’t ask people about their lives either. I just feel that if you want to tell me, you will tell me. It’s a compliment to my said attitude above.  But yes, I’ve been trying to be more “pro-active” in asking. Anyways, just because I don’t ask, it doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Anyway, my life is more or less plastered all over Twitter, Facebook and over here. Already, too much broadcast, too much reach if you tell me. Must try to cut back.

I guess, ultimately, I am a more private person than I thought.

So yes. I just don’t have the habit. Please understand.

the thing about loneliness.

We feel it once in awhile. Some more than others. But that doesn’t mean we are weak, dependent or truly lonely.

Sometimes, you can feel lonely even when you are surrounded by so many friends.

Sometimes, you can feel lonely after a hard day’s work.

Sometimes, you can feel lonely, when you are PMS-ing.


Funny thing isn’t it?

When I feel lonely, I don’t surround myself with friends. I go back into my shell. I spend more time with myself. I don’t talk as much. I switch off my handphone. I distant myself from friends and family even.

Surprisingly, I almost always feel better.

Maybe, I am not as optimistic and outgoing as I thought I am.

Whatever. Going to read. It’s the only thing that still calms me down (: