Why do you travel?

Different people have different travelling objectives. So what’s yours?

Mine? Well, I want to immerse in the culture, learn about it and most importantly, take a step back from my daily routine(:

That means no looking after pple, no herding of people from point a to point b, no worrying. It’s just me and this new world to explore.

Shopping is secondary. I can dont shop! :p maybe thats why shopping trips has never interest me.

Maybe it’s bcos I shop only out of need. A need for clothes or a need to destress. So I find it a little pointless for me to go on a shopping trip, spend a bomb and then SHOP AGAIN when I am stress. Financially, it doesnt make sense does it?:p

I seriously think my mum gave all the shopping genes to my elder sis! She can shop at the most unexpected places while for me? NAH! I am too too practical!

So what abt you? Why do YOU travel?


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