it’s a warzone on my face.

For 19 years, I’ve been known to have good skin. The only skin care products I used was my shower foam. My diet was crazy. I have junk food every other day, I don’t drink water AT ALL, I can eat up to 5 bars of chocolates a day.

Skin was okay with the occasional pimple on the nose. A facial will usually take care of them.

Then the pimples started getting adventurous and started wandering to the forehead. Even then, it was manageable! The pimples are far and rare/during PMS season. Facial will take care of them. My diet remains the same but to show my skin some love, I started using facial foam and some skin care products.

The products worked for awhile.

Sometime after graduation, the pimples started coming in twos and leaving scars. It didn’t really bother me because a few months later, I started going on birth control pills and my face was clear again.

Then I stopped taking BCP. The skin was amazingly alright.

Fast forward till now, breakouts after breakouts after breakouts. I started getting worried. I changed my diet. No junk food, more water, more fruits, fast food only once a week.

It didn’t work 😦 I changed my facial product, it didn’t work. I went back to my normal products, it didn’t work.

I am currently having the worst breakout ever. It’s on the left side of my forehead and slowly spreading to the right. The cheeks are joining in too 😦

I dont have to photoshop my face in the past and it will look ok –

so darn skinny back then!

I don’t even dare to show a picture of my face now 😦

But here’s how bad the forehead looks now –

upset max.

I really dont know what to do. It just seems to get worse everyday 😦

And, each of these pimples, small as they look contains loads of pus. Sorry if I am grossing you out. But yup. One popped this morning while I was on my way to work. It was the smallest! But even after 30 mins of pressing, pus was still coming out! I ended up cabbing to work cos of it.

I am so scared of looking myself in the mirror now. I cringe or try to hide when I see new people. I shun from taking photos. I dont feel like going out anymore.

Yes, I am THAT upset. I don’t know why or what my skin is giving such a huge reaction to. Or how to control it. I feel so darn helpless and disgusted with myself.

Someone, help! 😦


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