which is worse?

To live by the rule,”Not trustworthy or a friend, unless proven otherwise”? Or live by the opposite,”Trustworthy and friend, unless proven otherwise”?

Which is more tiring?

Rule 1 means your walls have to up all the time. But it also mean that you dont hv to rebuild them all the time.

Rule 2, on the other hand, means you get hurt way more often than necessary. You get tired and maybe someday, you will never recover from the hurt.

Rule 2 guides me most of the time. But over the past 3 years, it backfired on me 6 times. That’s 6 knives on the back.One of them so huge, that it still sting 3 years on.

The brother thinks I am silly and has been nagging to stop blindly trusting. The nagging is more frequent now. I guess he can see I am upset and I guess I shld listem to him

“Colleagues not friends. Remember that and you’ll be fine!”

Colleagues not friends.


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