the room is always bigger on the other side.

About 5 years ago, sick of always fighting with the sister about the cleaning the room, I picked up a pencil+ruler and started drawing out the floor plan for my house (I didn’t know I can buy it-.-).

I drew out several options of creating another room in the house. In the end, I segregated a part of the living room and part of the original room I shared with the sister and this was the result.

not drawn to scale.

Took awhile for us to find a contractor who was agreeable to help us set this up. But set this up we did (:

We’ve been pretty happy with the set up but recently, the sister kept complaining that her room is small. And she kept eyeing my room.

The thing is..It’s not that her room is small, it’s just that she refuses to throw away her stuff?

Part of the reason I wanted my own room was because when we shared a room, her stuff will cover 90% of the room! I only had a bed and a wardrobe + a small path. I couldn’t take it!

Anyways, when I told her I am okay with giving her my room but she has to give up her “walk-in wardrobe” and she was like, “WHAT?!” Seriously, sister! Fair trade, yo!

ANYWAYS (again!). It makes more sense for us to stick with the current arrangement! I am a person who is almost always home and needs loads of quiet time, so the inner room provides that. She’s almost always out so the room in the living room works for her because when we are gathered in the living room, she’s not in. When she’s back, the entire family will be already sleeping or back in our own room! And! The small portion of room cut out from the original room is for her to put her clothes. And looking at it now, it’s already over-flowing with clothes.

Do you think she can contain all that junk in ONE room? I don’t think so.

My room IS slightly bigger than hers but it has quite a bit of restrictions. There’s just a big hole in the centre? I don’t really know how to put it. And I have ZERO junk in my room because I am a clean/neat freak! I hate clutter. So I just throw stuff away or don’t buy stuff!

I seriously think the solution to my sister’s space constraint is NOT to swap room with me. I just think she have to learn to throw things away.

We can start with her clothes for a start.

Ah well. The room is always bigger on the other side, I guess.

Need to sit down and thinking about renovating my room soon. My cupboard is about to collapse.


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