conditioner? shampoo? same same but different.

the sotong strikes again.

I was using Loreal Profession Serie Expert: Intense Repair a month ago after seeing my colleague buying a huge bottle from Swanston at Chinatown!

The bottle looks like this –

After a month or so, I finished the bottle and since I didn’t have time to go to Chinatown again, I went to Parsity at Raffles Exchange.

Mistake No 1: Instead of Intense Repair, I bought Absolut Repair-.-

Seeing that my picky picky hair has no adverse reaction to the shampoo, I continued using and thought I should carry on with this series instead.

So, on Friday, on my way home, I dashed into Parsity and grabbed the huge bottle.

Mistake No 2: I didnt check the bottle before paying.

So, on Friday night while watching the 9pm show, I grabbed my finishing bottle and pumped half the bottle into the small bottle.

While bathing on Friday and Saturday, I realised that a) there’s minimal foam and b) the hair doesn’t clump up as much as before.

Then while bathing just now, there is no foam AT ALL and the hair just stay down!!

Thinking that I might have bought a spoilt bottle, I resorted to using my father’s shampoo.

The realisation.

Angry that I wasted good money, I ran to the huge bottle and that’s when I saw the word, “Conditioner”.


Since Friday, I have been using a mixed of shampoo (what was left in the bottle) and conditioner (the new stuff I pumped into the bottle).


But I guess…the saving grace is that –

a) There was some amount of shampoo left in the bottle so my hair is still clean. Evidence: The hair still tangles on Friday, there were foam and….it’s totally different from today. (DO NOT DISAGREE! Trying to calm the clean freak in me!)

b) My hair is now so smooth, I dont even have to comb it. The comb slides right through.

c) Loreal is damn good! Even just by conditioning only, the hair didn’t feel oily or anything. It’s so smooth and soft ~

So yes. Silly me.

Need to go buy a new bottle tomorrow-.-

Ticketing + SHINee World + SNSD World Tour

Yes, this noona is bringing her old bags of bones to join the young people to scream, yell and shout fan chant at those ridiculously young boys, known as SHINee.

*does a combi of Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer dance*


Initially, ber (my fellow peodonoona) and I couldn’t get tickets! But after persistent F5-ing, ber managed to secure 2 at T02. WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Anyways, as with all tickets sales, I think the organisers have the daunting task of arranging ticket sales. How should they make tickets available? Queue vs Online booking? How to make these mode of purchase fair.

Running into the Sun (the wonderful people who brought in Super Show 3 and is going to bring in SNSD) tried several methods I think.

For Super Show 3, the made Mosh Pit tickets only available at Hereen’s Sistic counter and ticket sales started at the same time via all modes. I like! Even though I went down to J8 to queue (interesting to see how the fans are all polite to each other!), ber eventually got us tickets (:

This time round…sgRITS tried a different method. All seats can be bought online and at the physical counters. HOWEVER! Online purchase starts 1 hour later than if you are queuing overnight and buying tickets at the physical counters. At 9.45am, Arena seats are gone 😦

Seeing that I will be going to SNSD world tour with Jerold  (RIGHT?!), I hope + pray+beg+suggest that the ticketing method can be changed again. Perhaps… to this method –

  • Apportioning the tickets according to purchase method
    Especially for the highly popular tickets like Mosh Pit and Arena.
    For example, 70% of Mosh Pit tickets and 60% of Arena tickets will be made available to those who are queuing or buying at the physical counter. The remaining will be made available online.

    In this way, those who can queue overnight, will be able to get theirs and those who cant queue overnight, won’t get into trouble with their parents 😛 And I guess, there’s some form of crowd control as well.

    Of course, the magic number to be set aside for the method is hard to set. But perhaps looking into old statistics will help.

Sigh. Another round of camping on Facebook and stalking RITS Facebook and flyirene on Twitter for more news about SNSD. I AM GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS! DAMNIT!
Anyways, while I love RITS, I am quite disappointed with their SNSD facebook page 😦
They used such a pixelated photo of the girls!!

bad quality.

I mean, just do a QUICK google and you will get better quality like this –

better quality.

Why RITS? WHY! With that lousy quality photo, it doesn’t really shout sincerity and doesn’t reflect well on the company. Especially when Google-ing can provide you with much MUCH better images.
Bleh. ANYWAYS! For now…
Lee Jinki. Kim Jonghyun. Kim Ki Bum. Choi Minho. Lee Taemin. SHINEEE!!!

i dont know who is more sick of this.

you guys reading/hearing it or me going through the same thing over and over again.

it’s not like that relationship where i stupidly plunged myself in and refused to just walk away. getting hurt, going back and getting hurt again.

this is family.

you can’t just walk away. well, i can’t.

i can’t just not care about them. i always put them before myself.

it’s like a bad taiwan drama, i swear. especially for the girls.

seeing me get hurt by my family’s actions. watching me cry and crumble. then there i go, doing things for my family. being so nice that sometimes, i think i deserve being taken granted by them.

it’s just. i dont know.

someone, fight my battle for me please.

easier to do bad things.

It is harder to do good things.

Because, when you fail, you have loads of tags on it. Failure. Loser. Idiot. Good-for-nothing.

It is easier to dare to do bad things.

Because, when you fail..well, there’s nothing wrong with failing to do the bad things is there? There’s nothing negative to it (kind of).

So, yes.

My walls are weak. Stupidity is high.


Sometimes, I envy the girls in SNSD.

Not for their flawless skin, long legs or their many many fans.

But for the fact that they can travel together all the time.

So many destination I want to go and no people to go with.

I can go alone but being a girl, the parents object.

The girls are ‘grounded’. The sister is still not strong financially to start travelling.

Ahhh..What to do?

I do envy the girls from SNSD. Always having a group of people to travel with.

C’est la vie.

a series of random thoughts.

I thought it’s been a while since I blogged. Turns out, it was 2 days ago-.-

Hmm. Spotted some new moles on me. DARN IT!

Curly fries are back! AWESOME! But I think I will still stick to corn for my extra value meal.

Can’t go to Gaga’s concert cos of work. But felt happy that I was invited!

RITS! Announce who you are bringing to Singapore already! With Wicked and the two K-Pop groups RITS might bring in, I think I can forget about my year end trip.

Which means, twang is right. I should just take it that I am not going.

Need to buy new wardrobe.

Cause I can’t stop thinking bout you, girl! 널 내꺼로 만들거야! No, I can’t stop thinking about U, girl. 내 우리 안에 가두고싶어 ~

DK is right. It’s not K-Pop. Maybe that’s why I can reject easily. Brother’s expression was priceless when he heard I said no.

It’s 1.13am. Better go to bed soon. Another 9am – 11pm workday tomorrow.



Going for my follow-up for the skin tomorrow.

I was put on medicine and given lotion + cream to use. Cost me quite a bit 😦

Going back for more medicine, I think. Plus I need to get facial wash from the doctor too.

Not much improvement. Still some tiny oil bubbles. And the weekly big pimples. Oh, my face is full of scars too.